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*shrugs* I don't care one way or the other about pick-up lines...I usually go up to people and introduce myself or ask for a pen (for some reason that works in starting convos *shrugs*).

"Al, you're a hot dyke, want to go on a double date with Erica and me...Erica's got a date but I need someone to go with."
My reply, "Yeah...sure, I guess...but Betsy aren't you straight?"
Her answer, "Nah...well...I'm straight but confused."
Erica chimed in, "Yeah the jury's still out on this one."
My reply, "Okay. So Erica, ya think if I turn her I get to skip the toaster-oven and go straight to the delux BBQ?"
Erica laughing, "Ummm I dunno cuz she says she's confused."
Betsy, "Yeah but I'd make a fine Lesbian!"
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