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Originally Posted by mehrdad368
nice you have any new posters from alpacino or robert deniro?
I believe (or at least hope) that you mean wallpapers. And I may be wrong but I don't think Mandy's ever made a Pacino or De Niro one. Perhaps find a Pacino or De Niro site?

Depp tends to follow Keira, as with Orlando Bloom, because of Pirates. Plus Mandy used to love Christina Aguilera, hence her Christina Artwork.

You could make your own thread with Pacino or De Niro wallpapers you've made yourself if you like.

Originally Posted by mehrdad368
do you have upgraded to ayatollah,hazzel?
after this you 'll be angel or god.aren't you?
It's a rhyme. Most westerners don't take the title "Ayotollah" to hold the same significance as Iranians. Given that the Ayotallah hails from your country. Plus we think most of your Ayotollahs are extremist cunts. Bloody Islamicists. And I'm already God, so this is a demotion. Also...let's not drag this off topic. If you want to discuss my title, PM me about it, or if you really feel the need to have an open discussion about the Ayotollah, start a thread about it in General Discussion.

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