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Originally Posted by Mandy
Unfortunately I had to unblock you because none of the threads made any sense the other way. But Yes I remember having one for a week or so. Something like "KKW Siren" with a heart. Didn't last long.
This is what happens when you post as much as I do. The threads are almost 90% me! Yeah, that was the title, I remember now! Didn't last long actually, might be because we switched to the new forums soon after? Don't remember.

And what I meant by kiss up, btw Liam, wasn't to ask. Just kiss up, and as you pointed out, favouritism makes a difference. Dictatorship=make friendly with the dictator and you get favoured treatment

Although, technically, as you and Baz are a par (as far as I'm aware), rank-wise, isn't KKW an Oligarchy? Especially if you count the AWOL Admin Apoggy.
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