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Originally Posted by deviljet88
It's post count related. I'm pretty sure none of the admins bestowed Senior Member onto frodo willingly, might be wrong but that was the feeling I got.
You may be right but I see people with as few posts as about 150 with it which makes me think it isn't entirely post-count related.

Once_Dreaded actually has more posts than a few senior members, so I think the amount of time you've been here counts for something too. Frodo may actually have been on the old forums, don't think so, but he might've been. And if not, he may have been given it for being a big contributor.

Never noticed at what point Senior Members could change their tags, but it loses meaning if you change it yourself, worth the risk letting admins do it :P
Meh. Depends if you can actually come up with a good one. I changed mine to "Messiah of Spam" because Baz called me that. So the truth is, Baz could very easily have titled me that himself, had it occured to him to do it. And I think the new one is equally quite fitting. I think it DOES lose its meaning if you big yourself up your own title as that should be done by someone else. But mine just reflects moi.
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