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Originally Posted by Foeni
Piece of advice, stop it here. There was this thread, and look what happened. As goes for the rank Senior Member, Liam once told me that it came from the number of posts. I had 700 posts and wasn't automatically made senior, so either it isn't so, or the post count is set high.
Yep, saw that thread. I'd never ever suggest asking for a title, but kissing up to the admins has seen other people promoted officer or getting titles . I won't name names but let's face it, everyone's a human being at the end of the day, and you're always going to favour people you like. This is the ONLY logical explanation for me ever being made a mod!

And yeah, I don't think it's post-count related to be a "senior member", just "member" rather than "newcomer". But if it is it's MASSIVELY high, probably over 1000, in which case you're gonna have to stick around for ages, or spam. And spam is bad. The Ayatollah has spoken.

Can Seniors really change their user title? Officers can't, that much I know.
You can't? I always could, and I think I used to be an officer. Not sure, but I believe so, immediately after I got fired as a mod . It could be a remnant from my mod days, who knows?
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