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Originally Posted by Liam
As far as I remember, Senior Member is awarded based on post count, but we will remove the rank title if we feel that you have talked out of your arse to get there.

Either way, you are better off not adding your own rank to your profile. The admins have given or allowed ranks to a select group. This group is easily monitored using the forum admin controls. Any new or unintended members are likely to have their ranks removed.
Ahh, I was just referring to the custom user title, not the rank. I wouldn't ever suggest anyone change that to "senior member".

Liam, are we talking about the same thing regarding Senior Member? Because as far as I know, the user title (under the avatar) only goes from "newcomer" to "member" and THAT is based on post count. The only way for it to be changed to "Senior Member" (rather than manually doing that, which is a no-no) is by getting the rank of Senior member.

But the rank (the badge on the top corner) has to be given by you guys, no? Hence "senior member" (or officer, mod, admin, etc) is decided upon by Admins?

I might be wrong, I'm just going on this but it is old.
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