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Originally Posted by once_dreaded
We made up the club while we were drinking one night...we should really just have sex with each other and disolve the club LOL).
Yep, sounds like a plan. You go get some girl. You deserve it. One condition. Videos and pictures for your KKW crew. Or at least your straight BF (moi). Incidentally, you're not the first person I've heard come up with that idea, although my friend's was just LOS (Lack of Sex). I figured it was something to do with that.

Originally Posted by ryan
i wasn't once mocked or made fun of. i guess it depends who you let into that part of your life.
Not by my friends! My friends didn't give a shit, they respected me enough to let me make my own choices. It's people on here who'll look for any excuse to mock me!

I actually expected you to be the first to give it a shot . You going soft?!
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