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Originally Posted by once_dreaded
*le pout* I want to have a coolio title under my avatar like the Senior Members. How can I become a Senior Member and gain a title? (I'm imagining myself sounding like Fez from "That 70s Show," strange)
I didn't realise that the custom title option was only open to senior members. Are you sure? Check your User CP (where you picked your avatar) and go to "Edit Profile". The first option for me is "custom user title" but I'm not sure if you have that. I thought you just needed to have posted enough to be a "member" before you could change it. But check for yourself.

As for "Senior Member" status as far as I'm aware, last time I checked that distinction was only given to people who were on the old forums before we moved over. I think the idea was to reward loyalty with a little badge. I've not seen it be given to anyone newer, but I may be wrong, and an admin may be willing to make an exception. Kiss up to Baz and Liam, you never know your luck!
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