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As I understand it, or as it was explained to me, the Gibson badge on an Epiphone-built guitar means that its a Gibson design built at the Epiphone works in Korea. Gibson guitars are generally built in the USA. Not sure how accurate this is, but I dont care - my guitar sounds amazing.

I can't really answer the heaviness question as this is the first guitar I've had that has had anything to do with Gibson (I have played a 1967 Gibson EB-3 bass - and man...they dont build 'em like they used to. Beautiful sound.) but I actually thought the heaviness was a bit light on. Before this I played an ESP AX-50 that I had borrowed, which looks sort of like a cross between a Warlock and a Flying-V, and it sounded much heavier but it was much more prone to feedback and buzzing than my current one. That might be an amplifier issue as I'm only playing through a 15W practice amp, but I doubt it cause the amp is a beauty: Roland Cube 15.
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