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To answer the questions:

I found the guitar online at a stockist of rare guitars (its almost impossible to get a Flying-V in such condition, let alone brand new, unless you order one from the factory) and made the trip down to southern Sydney to pick it up. If I were you, out of the two guitars you showed, I'd take the Epiphone. My dad used to play in a gigging band and had an Ibanez bass for a while, and he said it was the worst instrument he ever had. My guitar is an Epiphone-Gibson, like the top one you posted. Honestly, its best to get one from a store rather than online - that way you can ask to hear the guitar played (make sure it doesnt have a bad action or buzzy strings) before you make a decision.

I didn't get a black one cause its the cheaper model with shitty pickups. My one has proper Gibson humbuckers on it, and the sound is amazing. Its a bit light on for really heavy metal work without some sort of effects system between the guitar and amp but its fine for Metallica-style stuff. Amon Amarth is out until I can get a booster or something for it.
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