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Originally Posted by Liam
You aren't funny.
I wasn't trying to be! As your below excerpt points out, this is an English-language forum. I don't mind if people from other countries TRY and struggle. For fuck's sake I remember when I posted defending someone from another country for having trouble with the English language.

I'm understanding enough to recognise that I wouldn't write Russian as well as this person, so I can't expect them to write English as well as I can. But it's so clearly an English forum (do you see any other threads in Russian?) so why be too lazy to make an effort? It's no different to textspeak, it's lazy. And textspeak is banned in the rules


Надеюсь, что ты немного понимаешь по-русски

Это англоязычный форум, и здесь много дураков, Haz, например, которые любят насмехаться над другими людьми. Давай пиши по-английски- не важно, как хорошо знаешь этот язык- и будь как дома.

P.S. Игнорируй Haz- он голубой :P
As I conceded above, I have no capability with Russian, and Babelfish is doing it's usual stand-up job:

Regards! I hope that you a little understand in Russian This is English-language forum, and here many fools, Haz, for example, who love to mock above other people. Give write in English not importantly, as you know well this language and you be as houses. P.S. Ignore Haz- it the blue
Thought you might find that entertaining
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