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Okay, i'ma level with yah. I haven't read all the posts because they got to long and i'm to slow and lazy to read them all. But this idea just seems silly. If i had to fill out a big application and wait for a response i wouldn't do it. I joined because it was free and easy.

If you hate people that don't come back why don't you set something up that's like after three months of being idle you get your profile deleted.

As for the one part i read of having someone approve you or recomend you or whatever...screw that. None of my friends or family know that i'm a member to this site because i'd be embarassed. I'm a very antisocial person and i wouldn't have come onto this site if i had to get someone to put me on. *Reminder:i didn't fully read the post were i read that sentence in.*

If you really want people to keep coming back you might as well do what a porn site does and start charging people to become members.
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