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Originally Posted by Flightfreak
Who will review the application? how do you see it going? a simple page with a few forms on it and when applied Baz gets an e-mail with the answers?
Well, that's not really up to me. The way I've SEEN it utilised is that the threads are posted by unregistered users, they don't have "membership" but they can post. These are then commented on my existing members, and recently polls have been added. We don't have to necessarily go that way, but we can.

It all depends how we're using it, if we're using it as merely a pre-requisite to being a member, not actually a way of voting on new members, then it needn't have a poll, the thread just needs to be put up and Baz (or I believe it can be set up for mods to do this) can then set up the account. Or something. I don't have VBulletin skills, so I'm not sure how it's implemented, but it can be done, I know that.

Or do they just sing up normally and only have access to the Newcomers forum and the Keira boards, and have to fill in an application in a thread, were we can comment in, before they can get access to the Wavefront community boards?
I think that could be implemented too. It all depends on what the idea's being used for, and what everyone else thinks. At the end of the day, it's not my website, we're all members, and Baz has the final say, so it's up to him how he wants to implement it. At this stage, don't forget, people are against the IDEA in theory, so the implementation of it may not even end up being an issue. I think if we do go with it, as a trial, it should work on a slow roll-out basis, not jumping to extremes.

Personally I like that way of doing things, the one you just suggested. Trial it on GD and see how it goes. Sort of bit-part membership. Also that way people who simply want to post in Keira boards can do that, and it still provides us some content for lurkers.
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