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Originally Posted by deviljet88
Building on that idea since I know you'll somehow have the time to throw back anything I throw at you, would a cast of KKW page help welcome members? Like have some brief notes about different members who post often. I know there's a few newbies who think the site's just filled with psychos, pedos, stalkers, drunkards, without getting the full joke, the persona that's been set up by members over the year(s). I just think that if they can adapt to some our oddities, they'd become part of 'the gang' quicker.
Oh, I agree, but I don't think that that's necessarily the way to do it. I think something like this is great. In fact, it's THAT sort of thing I thought would be great on applications. The site I got the idea from asks the following Questions, you see what you think:

Simply copy and paste the questions below into a NEW thread.

e.g Newcunt application.

Also, make sure you leave an email address so we can let you know if your application has been successful or not. Expect feedback on your application. Don't be too offended if someone calls you a cunt.

When you make your application a poll will be added and existing members will vote 'in' or 'out'. You need to get 60% of the vote to get in. Polls close after 3 days.

Please note that we're not looking for lurkers. You must contribute to the board or your account may be removed.



Please complete the following:

1 - Desired username and current email address:

2 - Your location and age:

3 - You are about to be stranded on a desert island. You can bring one person, one book, one film and one CD with you (please avoid commenting on the obvious lack of electrical/hi-fi equipment) - who/what would you take. Explain your reasons briefly?

4 - Favourites:

Food -
Drink -
TV programme -
Current Arsenal player -
Ex Arsenal player -
Arsenal goal -

5 - What team do you hate most and why?

6 - If you had an unlimited pot of money who would you sign this summer and why?

7 - Sum up last season in 20 words.

8 - Describe the best goal you have ever scored in your life.

9 - If you had to be one of the following which would you be and why.

a) A smurf b) A kestrel or c) A spaceship.

10 - If you have anything you'd like to tell us that isn't on the application form do it here:

IMPORTANT: Please do not use ****s to censor swear words. You MUST swear properly.
Obviously we can't just use it like-for-like, but say, instead of favourite Arsenal player, we could have favourite movie with Keira in it, favourite Keira role (may be different, some people may like their favourite Keira movie because of a co-star, not her) and so on. We could adapt it any way we wanted and use it to get to know people. I like the questions in that thread I linked to, we could incorporate those.

Look, I know I presented the idea in a very elitist "Fuck off n00bs" way but that's just my board persona, you guys know that. However I actually think the idea has merits, and if not to "restrict" membership, how about as a pre-requisite? IE doesn't matter what you answer, you just have to answer the questions. At least that way we know what people are like, and it serves the same purposes as making it a quality-testing thing but without the elitism.
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