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Originally Posted by Kriv
HAzzel, it sounds like your a fascist. So people are unfunny big wooop, who cares let people be.
It's Hazzle. And it's about trying to ensure that the place is interesting, as well as trying to attract more people. The two go hand in hand.

Originally Posted by deviljet88
The stigma attached to an actress fansite is everyone's going to be a gibbering fanatic, and try as hard as you might, there'll be a load of people who would rather risk their sanity at the many thousands, millions of other forums out there.
I'm not saying we don't want to attract Keira fans, the point is that we can actually avoid that stigma by saying we don't cater to the "gibbering fanatic" but cater to a higher calibre, higher class clientele. I'm a Keira fan, I make no bones about that, less than I once was, perhaps, but I was never a "gibbering fanatic". Most people who've joined and stayed aren't either.

Then, for those who risk it, you put in a selection process, which obviously will take time and effort. They post one post, filling in your stock questions. And then forget all about KKW. How many newcomers have we had that just post one post in the newcomers and entirely forget about the forum thereafter?
That's my point exactly. If you put in a job application, do you forget all about it? If it takes you time to fill in an application, you've put in effort, so you'll take it seriously. By contrast if all you've done is mass-mail your CV to people, how many of those "applications" do you follow up? I can almost guarantee you that the effort needed to apply will ensure people come back, there's no point in answering the questions otherwise. I see your logic, and in a vacuum it would work, but when you apply it to human emotions and reasoning, it doesn't.

Originally Posted by barrington
The problem is enticing people beyond the Registration page. If they can't see what's to be gained, they won't register. I disagree with what you're saying.
I can see that, which is why I'm not necessarily advocating making them entirely invisible to non-members. However I've actually come up with a viable solution that keeps them private and nonetheless ensures that people see what's there. How about an "Interesting Excerpts" bit on the front page, where you select a small handful of interesting threads, post the thread title and some enticing passages from it, and those go up? That way people see what's offer but it's just a taster, like free trials on software or services. I'll even volunteer to scout the forums and come up with the excerpts for you. If you can't find anyone else, that is.

I acknowledge your references to some vague A-Level or BSc business course, but, in the context of a fansite, I am adamant that you are not correct.
I've extrapolated this from another fansite. Albeit a different commodity, in that it's for fans of a particular football club, but would you say Arsenal Football Club is more well-known than Keira Knightley? I wonder which has the higher Google rank, I'd guess Keira. It's just an idea I got from another forum that worked well. Don't forget, an application process helps you get to know the person better too. We do have this problem of people joining, posting, and going away. This is largely as noone gets to know them and they don't get welcomed into the "core". You know it, I know it, it's hard to become part of "the gang". I think this would help as you'd know more about the person.

If I was to select General Discussions as member-only for a week, would we see the number of posts increases? (Rhetoric) Probably, but at what cost to our attractiveness as a lurker-friendly forum. (Let's not forget that we have a ratio of about 100:10 in lurkers:registered. They might sign up, but would they post?
I think we would. As I've said, I've based this on the success of another site. I've listed some stats above. Don't forget, we'd also avoid the potential for trolls and other problems. We haven't had these recently, but remember Nearoka? When POTC2 comes out I fancy we'll end up with a LOT of trolls. I think there's more incentive to post if you've had to apply to join. You figure that if you've put in some effort, may as well get some joy out of it. Plus they'll feel like they know us too, because if we ask certain questions, or post our responses to their applications, they get an idea of what we're like too. It's a solid "getting to know you" method.

If you want to preserve the lurker-friendly idea, why not keep the forums open to view but tie the membership to application? The fact is, we have the sexuality/relationships forum member-only and I don't think that's hurt us at all.

I might go so far as to say that I might give this a try for a week or so. The logic is quite sound, and chances are we wouldn't actually lose out. At least not in GD. Present me a sound case in your next post and I'll respect it enough to at least try it out in the most eclectic forum.
I'm not asking you to do that, necessarily, if you think there's a case to be made, try it, if not, tell me to fuck off. I respect you enough to say that at the end of the day, it's your site, you've presented a logical case why you oppose the idea, so I'm cool with that. I'd just be remiss if I didn't offer a suggestion I thought would improve KKW.

You might be a cunt, but I'll still attach some value to what you say. We've been through a lot.
No might about it. I am. But you're right, we've been through a lot and right now, I honestly want what's best for KKW. Hence my not posting last night when off my face on red wine. You know what I'm like when I post drunk!
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