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Would you join a highly notorious, all out fun brawl fansite forum, if it was say about... some foreign actor who you have never heard of or seen? The stigma attached to an actress fansite is everyone's going to be a gibbering fanatic, and try as hard as you might, there'll be a load of people who would rather risk their sanity at the many thousands, millions of other forums out there.

Then, for those who risk it, you put in a selection process, which obviously will take time and effort. They post one post, filling in your stock questions. And then forget all about KKW. How many newcomers have we had that just post one post in the newcomers and entirely forget about the forum thereafter? We already have a problem of people joining, posting in the newcomers and maybe being enticed by General Discussion and other topics, maybe not. There's already a low ratio of members staying, with the enticement. Now you want to take away General Discussion etc and just leave a Newcomers type area? Real enticing? Hm.
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