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Originally Posted by barrington
Well-rounded communities grow because existing members attract The Right Sort Of People with high calibre posting. If we want more people 'like us' then it behoves us to post in a manner that will lure them in, not simply deny access to the opposite. KKW needs to increase its own demand, not restrict its supply to generate a false economy of value. Your business sense is the wrong way round.
With all due respect, I think that's a "bury your head in the sand" approach. We've been posting with "high calibre posting" in my view for a long time, and I'm not sure it's actually succeeded in drawing the "Right Sort of People."

Also I think you're misunderstanding my point, or perhaps I'm not presenting it clearly enough. Demand increases as supply diminishes. This is a fact. This is why when a US Oil refinery blew up earlier in the week the oil price shot through the roof. The demand for oil is actually a pretty steady figure, what causes price fluctuations is the supply. It's not like there are suddenly more cars on the road, or more requirement for oil for industrial purposes.

A better example is gold. A forum, like this, isn't a necessity (like oil) it's a premium good (like Gold). Why has the price of gold skyrocketted to a 26 year high? Because demand has rocketted, I'm sure you'll say. However, the reason why demand has rocketted is because gold has a "premium" allure. The scarcity of it makes it more fashionable. This is, to bring back an earlier point, why exclusive nightclubs gain a massive reputation to the point where everyone wants to be seen at "X" nightclub.

That's what we need to create at KKW. You believe posting will do it. It may actually get people to sign up, I can't disagree with that, if people read stuff they find interesting, they may sign up. But why sign up if all they want to do is read? How many people have we had sign up who NEVER post? I know you say it's a "false economy" and to be honest, it is. But it's the EXACT same thing with, for example, Copyright.

Music, technically, has no financial value. If it didn't have copyright attached, it would be free. Don't believe me? Witness P2P music sharing and the spread of free music. Copyright is an artificial construct to create a false supply shortage, and therefore ensure demand. It's the EXACT same thing here. As YOU pointed out, being a member of an internet forum has no intrinsic value. You need to create that value by creating an "exclusive" feel.

At the moment joining KKW is no different to joining any other Keira Knightley website. People can read the interesting content we post to their heart's content. Why sign up? To contribute? Well if that were the case, we wouldn't have so many accounts with "0" on their post count. The crucial thing is what DO we offer that other KK sites don't? I think it comes down to the personalities we offer, the fact that you should encounter interesting people on this site. If that's our USP (Unique Selling Point) why not strengthen it by ensuring we have more interesting people?

It's just an idea, and I accept you want more members, regardless of the quality, and I understand that point of view. And I understand, as Pieter pointed out, that from a business perspective that generates more income. But my "supply-demand" logic isn't wrong, and for you to say otherwise is unfair. It's fair enough if you choose to go a different direction for DIFFERENT business reasons, but my business model is also valid.
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