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Originally Posted by barrington
Yes, it's a low-value product.
I actually took that part out as I thought you might take offence at it. I didn't mean it as an attack, at all, it's genuinely a theory I had about making the place better. You may question my motives, but I'm being upfront with them; I want this place to be more interesting.

The more interesting/active it is, the more interesting it is for me to read. I'd actually prefer to read than post, being entirely honest, and looking at how high my post count is, that says a lot about what there is to read. Again, I'm not being critical of any particular individual at this point, just a distinct lack of content.

Also, I ironically think it if was made more exclusive to join, people, being naturally curious, will wonder what we have that the other Keira sites don't. From a marketting perspective I expect we'll end up with more members not less. Sounds odd, but there is a logic to it.

But hey, as Mandy said, I actually win either way. I enjoy making fun of the newbies, so even though you've said no, I'm a happy man. I just honestly think this idea has a lot more potential than is being explored. I'm glad that at least Baz has said it's "interesting" and worthy of being discussed further because I think there's merit to it. But meh, what do I know?
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