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Incidentally the other forum I got the idea from is an offshoot from a Blog, which is the main focus of the site. So I thought that the parallel existed. Especially as, on that same site, the core focus is a football club (much like the core focus here is Keira). The application process was, in my mind, supposed to be Keira-focussed. People who have something interesting to say will have something interesting to say on the topic of Keira too. Just an idea.

I must take issue with one thing; a lot of you are seeing this as a way to limit or restrict membership. It's not really, all it does is ensure that when someone is a member, because it's not as simple as filling out a little form, they actually post.

I mean I got the idea from a site that's been running about as long as KKW and yet whenever I visit their forums, they're full of fresh posts to read. Ironically by "limiting" membership they actually encouraged a lot more activity from those who are members, and created an "allure" to being a member.

This particular version of the forums goes back to 04/2003. That other site goes back to 10/2002. That's an extra 6 months. They have had just under 600 members in total (since it began) we've had around 2000. Our top poster has 2500 posts, theirs has 22,000 posts. In fact several members have over 10,000 posts. Says a lot imho.

It's like nightclubs that are highly exclusive; how come they're more popular and more profitable despite being so selective? Because ironically less IS more. Forgetting the fact that the quality of posts would improve, you'd actually see a hell of a lot more activity from those who're here.

I absolutely detest the idea of attempting to filter members so we only get a comedy club occuring.
It's not purely about being funny. Being interesting would help. For example, Dragonrat's never been a particularly funny member, but he always has interesting things to post.

As I said above, I honestly think that this would encourage people to ACTUALLY post. A perfect metaphor. When people sign up to join a Gym, they tend to exercise more, to get the full value of their money. When something is hard to come by, you value it more. Easy come, easy go.

If you seriously detest some of these people, just put them onto the ignore list, or scroll faster with your mouse wheel, past their posts.
What posts? That's the problem. There's so little activity here that spamming is the only way to actually get some activity. And when I'm saying spam is bad, you know something's wrong.

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