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Originally Posted by Foeni
Isn't this supposed to be a fansite? Most the OMFG-Keira-is-so-hot-how-can-I-meet-her fans don't stick around. I think that a lot of regulars started out as lurkers and joined as fans.
I suppose this idea would go against the idea of KKW.
A fansite, yes, but I'm not saying we shouldn't admit fans. The website I'm talking about (the one I got the idea from) is for Arsenal fans, and everyone who gets through the applications IS an Arsenal fan first and foremost.

However they have a personality beyond that. The idea of this is to ensure that our new members have the same. If they have other interests, of any kind, or at least can be coherent in what they have to say, they have a place here.

My point is do we really want people who:

a) Always use textspeak
b) Have nothing interesting to say

Those are the only two types of people I'd want kept out. Anyone else would be welcome. The only point of an application would be to test if someone would have something to contribute. After all, every user who uses the site puts a strain on the resources that Baz pays for, let's not forget. Why not make sure that they have something to put INTO KKW?

It's just an idea. If you're totally against the idea, cool, but if you've got suggestions, tweaks, whatever, to improve it as a concept...offer them up!
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