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Holy Christ on a bike Bazman!

We have had the shittest intake of newbies yet. No, come on, really, which one of you thinks we've gotten a GREAT bunch of newbies recently.

Barring Once Dreaded I've not been impressed by any of them. To be fair, there are a lot of other "ok" newbies who don't annoy the pissfuck out of me. Swordsman's ok and there are others I can stand. But Michael22 is so unfunny he even admitted it in IRC. And he's not the only one.

I've seen this done on VBulletin sites before and I think we need to do this on KKW. You can make the main forums all private, visible only once you log in. Therefore we cut down on lurkers. Secondly, in order to actually register to become a member, you need to apply, or be recommended by an existing member. The only people who can create new users on this other site I go to are the admins (but I'd guess that you could set the permissions to allow mods to do it too).

I propose we do the same. That way we cut down on unfunny people or people who are one-dimensional (ie their sole interest is an unhealthy obsession with Keira). Of course we WANT Keira fans, but well-rounded Keira fans would be best, no? People with an interest in other things too. Humour isn't necessary, but being interesting should be!

All that would need to be done is the main boards be made private, and another (public) forum be set up for applications. We could draft up an application form with several questions, to try and build up a profile of the potential member, their interests, and whether they'll be interesting to have around. We post that up as a sticky thread and lock it. Then every applicant would start a new thread to apply and answer the questions. Existing members are then free to probe further, ask any other questions they want...maybe ask the applicant to tell a joke. Or flesh out an answer to the application form.

The final step would be a public poll with everyone voting "in" or "out". The poll would be open for a fixed amount of time, and every poll would stay open the same amount of time (out of fairness). A simple majority should suffice either way, but if we need to, we can fine-tune that as we go along. Maybe have a minimum voter turnout before the result is "valid". I dunno, it's an idea.

That's my idea to improve KKW. But I actually want to know what everyone else I'm putting this to a simple poll. Applications: Yes or No?
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