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I assume it's pornography that makes us think that shaving looks good and is good. For one thing, it's a rule that all male adult film stars must shave their pubic area, simply for the sake of the female when she's giving fellatio. Of course, many female adult film stars shave in that area as well: they could simply want to shave it, because of the sensitivity it provides, or because it looks clean, which is what many viewers enjoy (and which is the rule men follow). Sure, it doesn't look real, but since when is any scene in an adult film 'real'?

As for armpits, well, it just looks bad if a girl has armpit hair. To be honest, she will be the object of scorn and ridicule at school, if she has any semblance of armpit hair. For one, it looks like a man's armpit (some men), and two, it just looks hairy. To be blunt, that is the way of the world: men look at women for their appearance, and they think that hair on a woman belongs in two places - on the head and in the crotch. Anything else - such as a moustache or armpit hair or leg hair - must be rid immediately, if any sexual attraction is to occur.

As for me, I just get haircuts every month or so. And I shave my facial hair every couple weeks.
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