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Originally Posted by Princess

You've never had a relationship of any kind... who wants to be alone? I sure don't want to be...I think we all wouldn't mind having someone we totally adore in our lives.
Bah...loneliness rules...well doesn't...but meh...may as well get used to's certainly better than hope...because with hope comes disappointment without Pessimistic? NEVER!!!

Btw...studies on cheating are typically surveys which rely on person's SELF-REPORTing of cheating. If men are reporting (acknowledging) more cheating than women, this could also indicate that men are more likely than women to ADMIT to cheating.
That's one reason why the stats come out the way they do.

I believe it's Anne Hooper, who authors books on sex, etc., who said a key difference between men and women is that men see ONE thing in many women... women see MANY things in one man. That's her theory, not mine, but I can see the truth in it. They simply see more women as postential sexual partners...?
And that's the other. Men still have the neanderthal urge within them to sow their wild's why we have mid-life crises, in part. Whereas women have traditionally had the mindset of seeking one partner to settle down and have children with. Of course over the years women have become sexually liberated and therefore feel freer to pursue and explore things...thus women feel more "able" to have affairs...that said the traditional mindset of being a wife and a mother plays its role too, hence women often have longer lasting affairs with less men, but men will often cheat more often with more women and have shorter (often one-night stands) affairs.

Originally Posted by duckula
Women are whores, why lie?
Blunt as always

Ducky should be a diplomat to represent British interests abroad...he wouldn't last long in the job but the results would be hilarious. I could quite imagine him going to the Saudis whilst discussing military relations and asking "Why do you all wear tea-towels on your heads?"
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