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Originally Posted by Leonie
Long before Hollywood discovered Keira, long before the masses did, it felt like we at KKW were the only people who knew about her, like she was our little brilliant secret

She was very, very cool, and we seemed the only people who realised it. I'm not saying she's not cool anymore, but to me, she has lost a lot of her appeal in slowly conforming to Hollywood's standard interview layout in the last few years.
You sound like an R.E.M. fan.
She's still a hell of a lot cooler and normal than 99% of the actresses I've seen. Most of the "conforming" comes from the format of the show. When she goes on Leno or Letterman, there are certain things the studio wants her to say and there are certain formats that each of those talk shows follow to that end. That's why the 'cleavage painting' story gets told over and over. It fits their format for the type of (safely) humorous story that works for them. They know it's going to get a laugh.
Put Keira on Ellen DeGeneres' show, and she plays Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head on her teeth. Ellen's show is more of a reflection of her style and personality, which, in turn, reveals her guest's personality.
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