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Originally Posted by Pearl
You know this makes me wonder, if Keira weren't as beautiful as she is, how many of you would go to such great lengths to defend her 'honor' because someone had a negative opinion on her.

And don't say it's because she's a great actress or has a great personality. Kate Winslet has is a MUCH better actress and is a great person but no one defends her tooth and nail when someone says she's a fat ass.
Do you REALLY know that Kate Winslet is a better actress than Keira Knightley?
Let's say that "Titanic" was being made RIGHT NOW, and Keira was given Kate's role. Do you really KNOW that she wouldn't be just as great as Kate was? No, you don't.

There is simply something compelling about Keira, which is why she attracts interest. Even her detractors seem to know an awful lot about her, which is telling. People notice her, and she gets a reaction out of them. Is Keira really a good actress? Well, I think she is, but objectively speaking, that question has not been TOTALLY answered yet. However, it WILL be answered in the next year or so, which is part of what interests me about Knightley. She has shown flashes of brilliance in recent films, and her performances AS A WHOLE may or may not have been great. I want to see what she does next.

As far as defending her -- I see her attacked in all sorts of ridiculously unfair ways in various quarters. I say fuck that. I will viciously attack anyone who talks shit, and doesn't know what they're saying.

Truth told, I think that Keira will be the next Kate Winslet.
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