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I AM saying that, yes. If you'll allow me, from a psychological view, there is NO such thing as objectivity. You can see other views, sure, but you can't SEE them as you view your own.

This discussion of Keira's spontaneity is therefore quite handicapped. Not only you, but I too, cannot look at videos etc. from an objective point of view. For me, what's put me off Keira is the constant pouting extraordinaire. She's always done it a bit, and it never bothered me, but by now, it's starting to look stupid. Keira, hon, if you're not constipated, stop trying to look that way. You have beautiful lips just the way they are. If it's indeed "something you do when you're nervous," you must be near a nervous breakdown. I can see why Jamie sings that people in Hollywood seem to have a massive influence on Keira.

Yes, she's still being all adorable. It seems she's studied hard to cultivate it. To cultivate the pout, the giggle, the British accent, the coyness. I'm not buying it.

Why is my point of view so unmotivated? Because I realise that trying to discuss this on a Keira Knightley fan forum means I'm outnumbered. Moreover, I'm not a Jehova's witness - I don't give a damn if you believe me, or not at all. I haven't made it my personal crusade to make you all see my point and be put off Keira as well. I said something, you asked for an explanation, I explained my point of view, and I've been told it's wrong based on the same evidence I used to back it up. The evidence hasn't changed, the point of view in looking at it has, and is the only difference between the two viewings.

Why am I unmotivated? I'm long over Keira. I tried to say something, the fan brigade clearly disagrees. Now all hold hands and smile, because I don't give a flying fuck
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