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Originally Posted by Leonie
Watch the interview on the DVD of Bend It Like Beckham. Done? Now watch any interview from the Domino premiere, or from the Oscars, or anywhere. It seems so rehearsed, so unspontaneous, so conform the Hollywood protocol. Watch her Regis & Kelly (is that it) interview promoting the first PotC. Done? Now watch her promoting King Arthur in America a year later, or the Jacket, or Domino. I think she's changed hugely.
I think you're comparing apples and oranges a bit here. A behind-the-scenes interview for a small British indie movie is a vastly different thing from a red carpet interview at the Oscars.

The two Regis and Kelly interviews she's done - for Pirates in 2003 and for P&P in 2005 don't strike me as very different. Although of course she's no longer an 18 year old girl doing promotional work for the very first time.
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