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Watch the interview on the DVD of Bend It Like Beckham. Done? Now watch any interview from the Domino premiere, or from the Oscars, or anywhere. It seems so rehearsed, so unspontaneous, so conform the Hollywood protocol. Watch her Regis & Kelly (is that it) interview promoting the first PotC. Done? Now watch her promoting King Arthur in America a year later, or the Jacket, or Domino. I think she's changed hugely.

That said, I don't really care enough to try to change minds of people who will probably disagree with me no matter what. I've been a Keira fan for 3 years and a bit now. She's gone from being very, very down to earth, so *real* to... losing a lot of those qualities I liked most about here. Sure, she's also matured, but she herself said that she reached the peak of her maturity at age 15 and has been getting younger ever since. I can't tell.

That's all I have to say. I don't really care if anyone agrees or not, I don't feel like arguing with a mob of Keira fans who compete in a thread to prove how much they love her These are my feelings concerning Keira's changing throughout the years, as Hollywood found out about KKW's little secret. Whether you agree or not... don't really care.

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