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Well, yes....
A film set in modern times, and maybe a little more light-hearted, would be nice.

But I'm not necessarily talking about the roles THEMSELVES, per se. I'm talking about the NATURE of them. Silk, Atonement, The Best Time of Our Lives -- these are all relatively low-key, dramatic projects. She seems to be aiming for the serious actress angle, rather than the movie star angle with these choices. If she does well in them, she will be in a much stronger position career-wise. Plus, she can get away with picking these kinds of movies at the moment, as there will still be one more Pirates film coming out in about a year. It's the old strategy: do the occasional commercial, "blockbuster" movie that makes money to keep yourself viable a little longer, and mix in smaller films between them, to develop your skills more as an actor.

Assuming she can really act (and I think she can), these recent choices are good ones.
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