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Awesome song. I love it. Nice and mellow. If Muse turned out this way I could live with it more than with their new trippy girlband image :icon_bigg

Now I'm going to say something a lot of you might take offence from. I think I can see Jamie Dornan's point here. It looks like Keira has been pulled in by Hollywood. Plus, it looks a bit as though she's got her career planned down to boyfriends and any other kind of exposure. She seems like a project to me these days, not the laid back London girl with a sense of humour she once had. Pity.

"Was it faith, was it true
Was I only on the outside
Every time
You smiled that way at me
Was I close, was I near
Was I only on the outside?"

If I compare the Keira in interviews these days to the Keira from the very beginning, before Pirates, before all that... she seems to try so very hard to charm everyone: smile, giggle, blush on cue. I have lately had real trouble believing this image of herself she is portraying. It's a real pity that she seems so thought up and planned these days, like there's a strategy at the root of everything she does.

Just my two cents. Still think she's OK, but I much preferred Keira three years ago.
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