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I was just keeping my eyes on RHCP's Stadium Arcanium which is coming out in one week or so and possibly Audioslave releasing an album soon, but thanks for the heads up on Muse... though, wow. In a way it's hella catchy, but I was hoping for some guitar/piano skill. From the title, it just looks like one of those 'rare' songs that scammers try to get you to download when it's just a renamed file... But hm, weird, I'm astounded.

Edit: Hmmm... the opening, the first 3 seconds, that beat thingy which they repeat throughout the song... is it just me, or that's the exact same sound Eminem used on one of his newer tracks... I'm trying to remember the name but if anyonelse can recall/confirm?

Double Edit: Ooh got it. Eminem's Just Lose It. Listen to the start of both of the songs and you'll see what I mean.
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