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Originally Posted by barrington
Slightly off-topic, but Mandy makes an interesting point. It seems that all the regulars here haven't discussed Keira for well over a year, with newcomers either disappearing or similarly ceasing their temporary Keira obsession and staying for the community. Maybe KKW puts everyone off Keira. Good job, there.
I think that that is very true. I came here only a couple months ago and first posted on the forum "To Keira With Love" about how i had a thing for her. I no longer feel like that, or at least it's not that big a deal anymore. I think it might be the fact that after you read that so many people are so very similar to yourself it just doesn't seem to be such a big deal to you.

When people talk trash on her around me i defend her but then again the person saying it probably a douche with bad tastes in movies...because she's good at acting.
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