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I see your point of view. Though it's hard to believe how obsessive some people can become over her. There are a few things about her I don't like, but that only makes her human. And idiots can't seem to understand this. Sure she is as close to a perfect looking woman as you can get, but she ISN'T perfect. If she were utterly perfect I woulnd't be able to stand her.

I hate how most people cannot fathom that, yes, someone CAN like (even love) her but yet have different views on her and not like some things she's done/did. It's really fucking annoying. It's people like this that make me just feel like saying "Fuck it all" and stop even discussing her period.

In one forum, I stated I thought she looked too thin in some pictures after someone made an anorexia comment and I was attacked so badly via PM I just didn't want to even think of Keira at all. I know it sounds really retarded and that most of her fans being assholes should not affect me liking her in anyway but that's how 97% of her fans make me feel.
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