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Originally Posted by pete20676
pleased to see Kiera was 1 in FHM 100 sexiest women poll she's prob embarrased by it though poor thing
I did not even know the woman (never watch films see....) Before I Bought FHM, started reading a few from 100 down, thought stuff this let's see who the winner is, turned to the back page lo and behold there she was.

THE 1.

I tore the page out, stuck it to my wall and threw away the rest of the magazine and other pics of the ladies inside away. (The others were all nice enough looking but not a patch on KK). A lady friend spotted it though and became jealous, tore it down, screwed it up and put it in the bin.

I recovered it slightly creased but in tact. The smaller pic on the back cover is now safely contained within my wallet.

Anybody care to say anything derogatory about her in my presents?
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