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Originally Posted by EmotionSickness
I remember when she used to sign photos AND write little notes back. Those were the days.
Now that would have been nice. To actually have her personally sign it and write back instead of them just including a presigned pic and saying that she read my letter. I got a note from them back though:

Originally Posted by The Office of Keira Knightley
Thank you very much for your letter - I apologise for any delay in responding to you. As I'm sure you can appreciate, Keira is extremely busy and is often difficult to reply to each request individually.

However, Keira has read your letter and hopes that you will be pleased with the enclosed signed photograph sent with her best wishes.
She read my letter, bullshit. XD I don't really mind, I'm just glad I got the photo. But yeah, a personal note from her would have been awesome.
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