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Sexual Peak... hmm, that deserves a thread of its own.

An ex- and I had a similar discussion.
My only response was to laugh and recall the mistakes I made at the time.

With time comes age, and with age .. (If a person take care of themselves) comes passion and stamina. The only thing the younger version of myself (a male) had 5 years ago (at 19) that I don't have now is an .. err (thinking about the rating of a web-site)..... early boiling point.

Where the heck ... err, should I say, who the heck started this rumor about set ages for sexual peak? Personally it struck me at the time as being a marketing strategy spent at the cost of lowering the social values of America, with teens more feverishly looking to have sex before they *gasp* start going down hill.

Yet another way that the media has ENRICHED our culture imho.
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