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Well, I can give a brief summary.

Keira talked about her new appartment. She moved in six months ago and has since moved back in with her parents because there's a problem with the water. She said that it's a two-bedroom appartment, and she's invited six friends to live with her. It's about an hour from her parent's house. She says she has chores at her parents' house (taking out the trash).

She explained the sell a script/baby deal that her parents had when she was born.

She talked briefly about making Star Wars. Apparently she fell off a golfcart on the set while wearing just a bathrobe and flashed Ewan McGregor.

She hasn't seen King Arthur yet because it's not finished. She talked a little about filming King Arthur, including the blue warpaint and how she's terrified of horses.

Keira looked very cute, although I don't really like her haircut - her bangs are so long you can't see her eyes.
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