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band name

i was just in the band called Untold, but we broke up. this summer im forming a new one with some friends from the old band and some new. we actually made a deal with our school, that for a class we would have a room where we could jam each day at school. so practicing almost 360 days a year hopefully we will get somewhere. im hoping maybe " Nevermore" as a new band name. also we do acoustic sets, and redo some older songs. we havent recroded anything real good yet, but we play some live shows. waiting till fall to do that stuff, our friend owns a studio so well get some time with him. does anyone know if keira is more into rock? or if she is more into like acoustic? also i think each of us will sign the cd, as a change of pace for her to have, just encase we are ever... u know... good lol.
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