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"Your clothes look very becoming on you. If I were on you, I'd be coming, too."
Hahahaha. I've never heard of that one. It's good.

Some of the worst I've heard (that have actually been employed in my presence):

"You here alone?" I know, this one doesn't seem that bad/corny, but picture a guy inquiring this aloud to a girl who is standing near another male whom she was JUST seen coquettishly mingling/canoodling with. Or to a girl who is clearly part of a large party.

"Can I buy you a drink?" Again, seemingly not such a bad pick-up line (hell, this is one of my dream lines... just make it a Red Stripe or a Bellini, please), however, this was said to me in the conspicuous presence of my boyfriend who was SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME at the bar. Why do some guys do that? Do they automatically assume that they can steal a girl away from whomever she's currently with?

"So, when do you turn 21?"/"How old are you?"/"What're you doin' after work?" I was asked this countless times by a multitude of malodorous proletariats while I was working as a waitress.

Ohh, yes you Sam Shepard-esque, middle-aged, lunch-bucket worker. Please wait for me outside in your barely-functioning, begrimed, pale blue Ford pick-up. I can't wait.

"That's a really nice picture. I mean, reaaaaally nice. *head nod*" The teenager working at my local video store said this to me upon seeing my driver's license. Maybe he was being genuine?

"You have to be the prettiest girl here tonight." Okay, this is extremely cheese-laden, but it was said to me about four years ago at a local concert and, hey, it worked! We're still together today. Granted, I was (as far as I could see) one of the only females within the vicinity, but I'll take what I can get.
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