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Last night I was witness to a line from a couple that caused a monster make-out session (I of course was NOT apart of this session because I know how to behave...either that or I'm just a prude).

Alexis (shouting to BJ & Linda, Alexis was DRUNK) - Are you two poly????

Linda (looking at BJ...BJ looks back eyebrows raised) - No...we're open.

Laura (also DRUNK and shouting) - So what does that mean???

BJ (doesn't realize yet how far this convo will go) - It means that we're in love with each other but not closed to the idea of inviting others into enjoying our intimacy.

Alexis (leans over to BJ) -'ll kiss me then?

BJ (looks at Linda & gets a nod) - SURE, why not.

The rest of the night was spent with me trying to get Alexis away from BJ on behalf of Alexis' twin sister Hillary who informed the whole table that Alexis' GF was at home ill & Alexis shouldn't be partaking in that kind of activity. I also had to referee Laura (who is str8 and married???) and Alexis because they were fighting over Linda & BJ. *shrugs* I had fun entertaining the table with my campy performances of the Karaoke songs but found myself being envious of the freedom from morals that drunk people enjoy LOL.
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