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Originally Posted by Rob The BLack Douglas
Plausable, but life was suppose to be tough even in the city, people were suppose to be struggling as well, that never really came across in the movie, plus if the quarintine zone was so bad, a brief glimpse needed to be shown so one could understand why people were happy to be where they were struggling.

Even with the biological attacks one has no concept of the scale of the area that was affected. Headlines with rising death tolls are just numbers, no scope to judge them on.
This is where BNT came in - people were shown the aftermath of this horrible virus, and believed it all without a doubt. That's the whole point of the movie, no one felt the need for a brief glimpse, they were a bunch of sheep. As for struggling, apparently butter was rare

Edit: Just wanted to add this little banner-thing I made for a blog entry of mine. It's got nothing to do with further discussion of the themes of the film, but anyway...:


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