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Originally Posted by Jacoby
Uhh, I thought he didn't reveal V's identity at all. I saw a Moore quote somewhere saying that he was going to reveal V, but thought there was no need for it...


When Evey places him in the train she removes V's mask, you never learn his name or his story prior to the camp but he was drawn as an old white guy.

Isn't the whole point that the people are quiet and obedient because they are told that, while life within the quarantined area is liveable and possibly even nice, life outside is hell? Why on earth would they want to stay, would they listen to their silly government, if the life they had was hopeless? It's controlled and clean, but like houses that are too tidy, they are cold and emotionless.

Plausable, but life was suppose to be tough even in the city, people were suppose to be struggling as well, that never really came across in the movie, plus if the quarintine zone was so bad, a brief glimpse needed to be shown so one could understand why people were happy to be where they were struggling.
Even with the biological attacks one has no concept of the scale of the area that was affected. Headlines with rising death tolls are just numbers, no scope to judge them on.
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