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I think all they did by showing his hands is show what V has been through. It doesn't take away from the fact that he is an idea. The idea is that he is someone fighting for the freedom and revenge of many, many people who, regardless of what their faces looked like, all suffered. You can't tell if he's white or not, gay or not, or possibly even male or not from his burnt hands, can you? That's the genius of it - you give something away, but then that bit just makes you wonder more.

Originally Posted by rob the black douglas
The movie was too bright and shiny, there should of been garbage in the streets, food shortages, people without power for extended periods of time, the weather should of been toxic and nasty. Life is miserable for the regular folk.
Isn't the whole point that the people are quiet and obedient because they are told that, while life within the quarantined area is liveable and possibly even nice, life outside is hell? Why on earth would they want to stay, would they listen to their silly government, if the life they had was hopeless? It's controlled and clean, but like houses that are too tidy, they are cold and emotionless.

That said, I haven't ever seen the graphic novel, and I'm thankful for that. I went to see the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's one of those rare movies that seem to last only 15 minutes, yet over two hours have passed. It makes you think and it makes you doubt everything you believe in. It's awesome.
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