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Originally Posted by Swordsman

only one part of the movie really pissed me off and that was the fact that they showed his hands. when i read the book i was always thinking that V was just the mysterious guy that always spoke in a whisper and that he could be a robot or a chicken man or JJ from Good Times, and they showed his damn hands and just said "eh! he's not just an idea!" when...he's just supposed to be an idea
Truth. I was arguing the fact on these other fora that there's no point in debating V's race/color/skin tone/epedermus hue/ skin pigment/sex/sexual preference or anything else because he was just a symbol, a personification of the rebellious attitude. FREEDOM! But then they said, "well yeah, obviously that's the point, but you can't not be curious." And my retort was, "well, no, clearly I am right because I used way bigger words."
Then I thought about the movie more and questioned the Larkhillness. But I thought they could have done better in the movie covering up his identity. I don't get why he had his gloves off when he was cooking the egg. If the butter splattered he could have burned his hands!!!

"Also V was definately white. A white OLD dude at that."

Why do you say that?
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