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Keira's mom has got it goin on
Shes all i want and i've wanted for so long
Keira cant you see your just not the girl for me
I know it might be wrong, but im in love with Keiras mom.

Back on topic instead of flame posts, I wouldn't say stalker, but slightly exagerrated crushed fans do appear... I mean, last week, wasn't there a guy who posted in the Shoutbox about how he married Keira in July and blah blah. And then, somewhere, there's a post about being willing to take a bullet for Keira, probably in the 'To Keira with all my love' thread. Have a peer around the Keira Knightley discussion area and then post your finds here so we can all have a jolly laugh (at their expense).
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Don't listen to Jet, he's mean to everybody.

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