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So, KKWavefront mods, tell me this:
How often do you get Trolls here, and how do you deal with them? For instance, let's say some disgruntled movie goer showed up at this forum, posting messages about how much he hates Keira Knightley. Would his posts get deleted? Or, what about a guy who writes obscene (as in, perverted) stuff?

Ever had any DARKLY-obssessed fans appear? And by that I don't mean, "Oh, I want to marry Keira, and I would take a bullet for her". Not adoring fanboys. I'm talking, like, sick stalker stuff; things that are not very nice (like, "If she can't be with me, she can't be with ANYONE!!! I'm on the edge, I tell you! The barrel of the gun's in my mouth, and I like the taste of the metal!!!"). Ever had any of those?

I used to run a website devoted to Kristanna Loken, and I would get e-mails like that all of the time.
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