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This is going to be a long post so bear with me.

Originally V For Vendetta was an anarchist look at what could happen to England as a result of Thacherism. At one point the conservatives actually proposed moving all the homosexuals into camps to protect the publics healty, this was during the beginning of the aids crisis.

V is white and male, and most believe that his character was a transsexual, there really is no indication that his character was gay. Though both are valid viewpoints.

The movie was too bright and shiny, there should of been garbage in the streets, food shortages, people without power for extended periods of time, the weather should of been toxic and nasty. Life is miserable for the regular folk.

Also there was a lot more survellance of the population, with camera's and static listening devices. The vans sweeping the neighborhoods were used to add an element of fear to the general population.

In the original Evey was not going to see the producer, she was actually out soliciting because she had no money or way to get more basic food items because of the shortages.

Also Evey may be a lesbian or at least bi-sexual, it's not really established.

The ending of the movie was the most problimatic part of the movie for me, V as an anarchist originally acted alone, he didn't desire to lead a revolution, he did want to show people that they could stand up for themselves, if a rebellion ensued all the better but that wasn't his point, he was enacting vengeance.

In the original after V dies, Evey dons the Guy Fawkes mask symbolizing that there will always be someone to don the mantle of one individual willing to do anything for what they believe in.
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