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V for Vendetta! (SPOILERS)


This movie is actually much larger than I ever would have expected. It's already on the top 250 at IMDB, but that might pan out eventually. Personally, I think it deserves to be up there.

But the point of this thread isn't to ask if you liked the movie or not. Instead I figured we could discuss some of the odditys to the movie. Things that no one is supposed to really understand, but can ask about.

First off. Do you think V was white? Do you think he was gay? They never reveal his identity because he's just supposed to be a symbol. Larkhill was supposedly a place where they heaped up non-whites and gays and minorities to test the disease and make a cure. I figure V to be white, mainly because the movie suggests that, so I figure he's probably homosexual.

I actually heard some ideas where people thought V was Veronica. But I don't think that's true.

Anyone actually read the graphic novel?
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