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Originally Posted by Scott
Fighting my mate saved our friendship, I don't condone taking this sort of action (call me a hypocrit if you like), but sometimes you just need to hit people upside the back of the head to keep them in check.
This happened to me as well. I was friends with someone all through junior school (that 7-11 for you states side) and when we went up to comprehensive (12-18) he became a total arse. He got in with another group which i did not mind becasue so did i, we naturally went our seperate ways. However i can only put it down to jealousy but he and his new mates (led by him) started bullying me. This went on for a few days but i could not get him on his own to talk about it. So i waited for him near his house after school and when he came round the corner on his own i picked him up and threw him against a wall. Needless to say he saw my point of view and we have been friends ever since.
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