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As a relaxant, I don't think there is anything better than marijuana. Of course, there are different types of weed - depends on where and how it's grown - and they have varying levels of potency, but the good stuff, you can just sit back and relax. All your senses seem to heighten: if the TV is normal volume, it suddenly appears too loud; you concentrate on the most minute of details for minutes (and hours) on end; everything just tastes that much stronger (which is why the munchies are one of the best part of toking...eating a Snickers or summat while stoned is probably one of the single greatest deeds ever to be done).

It's a different type of goodness. Orgasms are simply explosive. Eating candy while stoned isn't quite so explosive, but, given a good joint to smoke, the intensity of the taste and sweetness is pretty freakin' good.

Psychoanalytically speaking, Freud did mention that urinating and defecating were comparable to an orgasm. I guess, if one has held in the no. 1 for a long time, urination is quite relieving. But I don't think it measures up.
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